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Sales Agreement

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Create your Free Sales Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Sales Agreement?A Sales Agreement is a detailed contract outlining the terms of sale of goods and services to a third party. What is the difference between a Sales Agreement and a Bill of Sale?A Sales Agreement is a detailed sales contract. It is commonly used when selling new goods and services or items that require delivery.

In contrast, a Bill of Sale is a simple contract that is used to provide evidence that goods have been sold. It is commonly used for straightforward transactions, such as when selling a used vehicle.
Why can't I use a Sales Agreement for a real estate transaction?There are a specific set of rules you must follow when selling real estate. Use our Real Estate Purchase Agreement when transferring real estate.



EnglandBuilt for England
Different countries have different rules and regulations. Your Sales Agreement will be customised for England.

Description of Goods

What are you selling?
(e.g., One GE air conditioner unit, serial number: 22AB45.)

Frequently Asked Questions
How should I describe the items being sold?Describe the goods or services being sold in as much detail as possible. Quantity, model numbers, and product descriptions are typically included.

For example, "Three air conditioner units, model #12345, with installation service."

Seller's Information

Who is selling the goods?


(e.g. Street, City, County, Postcode)

Buyer's Information

Who is buying the goods?


(e.g. Street, City, County, Postcode)

Purchase Price



Frequently Asked Questions
What is a deposit?A deposit is earnest money from the buyer to ensure that the buyer will complete the transaction or else lose their deposit. On the other hand, if the parties elect for the deposit to be refundable then the deposit would be returned to the buyer if the transaction didn't close. Further, if the transaction is completed, the deposit goes toward the purchase price.

Payment Type

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a promissory note?A promissory note is a legally enforceable written agreement to repay a debt.

Payment Details

Frequently Asked Questions
When will the seller be paid if a bill of sale is used?If a bill of sale is used, the seller should be paid when the buyer receives the signed bill of sale. The bill of sale acts as proof of ownership.

Delivery Details

Liability Details

Assignment of Sales Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions
What happens when a contract is assigned to a third party?The buyer or seller may assign any benefits they will receive under the contract to a third party although they are still bound to fulfill the original agreement.

For example, "John Smith agrees to buy 100 widgets from Jane Doe for $10."

If John Smith then assigns his right to receive the widgets to Mary Jones, he will still be legally required to pay Jane Smith for the widgets even though the widgets will now belong to Mary Jones.


Frequently Asked Questions
What does “As is” mean?Selling goods "As is" means that the seller is not guaranteeing the quality of the product. As long as the seller has not lied or attempted to hide flaws, they will not be held liable for any imperfections in the product.

Additional Clauses

Frequently Asked Questions
How should I write my clause?Write in complete sentences and avoid abbreviations or nicknames.

Do not use pronouns such as: they, us, we, our, you, or me. Pronouns can cause confusion by being ambiguous.

Use capitalized legal terms when possible. For example, use “Buyer” instead of “John” or “Seller” instead of “Jane Doe”.

Try to limit each clause to a paragraph.

Signing Details

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