Free Eviction and Renewal Notices (Commercial)

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Governing Law

Type of Notice

The Section 25 Notice is a form used by a landlord to either:
    1. end a tenancy with a proposal to start a new tenancy or
    2. end a tenancy with reasons for refusing a new tenancy.

Landlord Information


Contact Information

If the landlord lives in a different country or would like all notices sent to a different address, then select "Yes".

Tenant Information


Contact Information

Let Premises

(e.g. Street, City, Country, Postcode)
Note: This notice must be served not less than six nor more than twelve months before the expiry date specified in the Notice. Neither party can ask for the tenancy to end or renew prior to the expiry date in the lease.

Provisions of New Tenancy

Provision Description

Signing Details

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