Last Will and Testament - Details

Governing Law

Your Last Will and Testament will be governed by the laws of the selected jurisdiction. Also, it will be tailored to meet the specific laws and regulations of this jurisdiction.

Your Information

(the Testator or Testatrix)
(e.g. Street, City, County, Postcode)

Executor/Personal Representative

(the person(s) you choose to administer your estate)
One executor is normally sufficient. If you have two executors, they must be able to AGREE on each decision to be made.


List all children from any relationship, born to you or adopted by you. (Note: Do not list stepchildren unless you have adopted them. If you want to leave something to a stepchild, you can do that in the "Specific Gifts" or "Residue of Estate" sections.)

Note: You must list all children. Any child not specifically named in your Will may have the right to claim against your Will as if no Will had been created.

Specific Gifts

Use this section if you want to give certain people specific things. Make sure you describe the gift well enough that anyone reading your Will would recognise what you mean.

Distribution of Residue of Estate

The "residue" of your estate is all your property that was not given to someone in the specific gifts section.
Indicate how many beneficiaries you wish to name for the residue of your estate:

First Beneficiary of Estate Residue

Who will get this portion of your estate if the beneficiary is not alive at the time of your death?

Additional Clauses

Signing Details

Remember that both of your witnesses should be competent adults who are not receiving anything under your Will, and are not the spouses of individuals receiving anything under your Will.

Remember to print out and read the Instructions for Executing Your Last Will and Testament provided with your document.
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