Enduring Power of Attorney Registration
How do you register an Enduring Power of Attorney?
  • In order for an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) to remain effective after the Donor has become mentally incapable of managing his/her own affairs, it must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (in England and Wales) or with the Court of Protection (in Northern Ireland).
  • Forms EP1 and EP2 are the required forms for registration of an EPA.
  • The EP1 is the form used to provide notice to relatives that there will be an application to register.
  • The EP2 is the form used to apply for registration.
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Governing Law

Nation: Northern Ireland
EP1: Identification of Donor's Relation
A: Who should be notified?

Q: The Donor and at least 3 relatives of the Donor must be notified.

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If you do not know the name or address of a relative and cannot reasonably find it, that relative is not entitled to notice. If a relative is under 18, or mentally incapable, they are not entitled to notice. Do not count these relatives.

Donor's spouse/civil partner entitled to notice? Yes No
Answer Yes only if spouse/civil partner can be located and is mentally competent.

Number of donor's living children:
Count all natural children and all adopted children who can be located, who are mentally capable and 18 years of age or older. Do not count step-children.
EP2: Donor Information
The Donor is the person who appointed the attorney(s).

Last Name:
Forename (First Name):
Other Forenames
(Middle Name):
  (if applicable)
Company Name:
Enter the name of the nursing/care home or hospital.
(if none, enter "not applicable")
Date of Birth:   (e.g. 2017)
EP2: Attorney

Number of Attorneys:
Count all the Attorneys who were appointed in the Enduring Power of Attorney if they are still living.

EP2: Enduring Power of Attorney

The date that the Donor signed the Enduring Power of Attorney. You can find this in Part B of the Enduring Power of Attorney.
Date of Enduring Power of Attorney:   (e.g. 2017)

EP2: Correspondence Address

All correspondence will be sent to your address (the address you provided under Your Information) unless otherwise specified.

Send correspondence to me
Send correspondence to the first Attorney
Send correspondence elsewhere: